Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Impact! Miniatures Updates the Dark Elves in Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures has updated the Dark Elf team in their Kickstarter.  They added a new Witch elf and shifted the previous witch elf  into the star player group.  They also added the assassin Star player and the undead star player to the Dark elves which makes the two sets of star players have 2 shared players and 3 distinct players.

Originally I was thinking that I would get one elf team along with a small pack of specialist for the other team and then the star players to get a team usable for either but with the new star players I would need second set which would move the cost of that up higher, but Impact! has said that if they can get pledges up to 41,300 (so about another 10K in a week) then they will combine the Elf stars into one set.  So help them do that and take a look at the teams.  

They have a special of 5 teams for 170 dollars which generally include like 22+ players with big guys.  So 34 dollars each.  A 12 man GW team was last retailing at 50 and generally cost another 45 for a big guy and 4 player booster. I think the Croc type team looks very nice and the old style chaos players would go well with my 2nd Ed Chaos Pact team.

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