Wednesday, June 25, 2014

X-Wing Miniatures: Y-Wing

Oh the venerable Y-Wing, work horse of the rebel alliance in the days before the battle of Yavin.  Be it attacking large ships or raiding commerce, the Y-Wing was the go to ship where slow and steady was what you wanted.  I have only recently picked up one for the X-Wing Miniatures game as I had not seen any of the shelves in a while.  Looks like FFG has caught up with demand for the older ships now as I saw everything from starter box to a Rebel Transport at a local Barnes and Noble about 2 weeks ago.

The Y-Wing comes with 2 generic pilots and 2 named pilots.  Base cost is 18 with weak 2 attack, poor 1 agility, and hefty 5 and 3 for hull and shields.  Dutch allows you to give out target locks to wingmates and Horton essential gets a partial target lock type ability for free meaning he is the go to guy for proton torpedoes.  None of them can get veteran skills though.

Set also comes with 4 upgrades, R2 which is handy for a poor maneuvering fighter like the Y-Wing, R5-D8 allows you to repair damage 5/8th of the time using an action.  You also get 2 proton Torpedoes cards and the Ion Cannon Turret.  Turrets are also handy for bad maneuvering ships and the Ion cannon might just be what you want to take on those new Corvettes.  Their shields can come back pretty easy but this does direct hull damage and take away one energy.  Just saying it might be an option since you can also probably stay close to avoid the range 3-5 weapons and not have to worry about keeping your fire arc on the ship section you want to attack.

The model is probably not one of the better ones from the line.  The turret on the top is to compressed into the cockpit canopy and the exposed components are probably to heavily brushed.

The joints between the front and rear of the engines is probably to clear.

The ship also appears to have a bend to it.

I used this ship is a demo game and liked it but probably should have gotten the ion turret instead of the torpedoes.

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