Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dungeon Saga: Dwarf Kings Quest Kickstarter Final 10 Hours

The current mantic kickstarter has reached in final 10 hours with about 850K raised.  They need 925K to add a Dragon expansion which I am not really hot for myself but whatever.  Maybe they will get more stuff in it if they break the first stretch goal  Since I last checked in the basic pledge has picked up plastic doors, like 5 demons, a large yet to be revealed undead monsterous creature, and about 8 missions plus Abyssal Dwarf rules.  So some nice bonus but nothing that makes it a must buy value in terms of miniatures.

If you are looking for a dungeon crawler boardgames with lots of options for creating your own boards and heroes, this appears to be it.  It has sort of become the ultimate dungeon crawler with everything but a unbelievable pile of miniatures thrown in.  I guess it is easier for them to promise more and more stuff from the game designer than make more molds.  From my alpha rule testing the game seems pretty good.  The basic pledge now has like 30 missions not including the redo of the 12 DKH missions from Dead Rising and Green Menace plus things like random dungeon creation, solo play, hero advancement.  Lots of game packed in there.

Mantic being Mantic is very heavy on add ons to help maintain their margins as Mantic probably makes a considerable portion of their annual income from their kickstarters.  One of the add ons is a new tile pack but since currently they provide no concrete details on the tile sets included in the base game in terms of number and types and the expansions are worse this concerns me.  They show a picture.

with the text:

Just some of the different examples of the tiles you will get. Each modular dungeon tile is made of durable thick card to withstand the rigors of gaming and the fury of battle.

This has been the text from the beginning before any bonus tiles and includes most of the room tiles from the DKH games already.  This is some which means less than most and more than a few so they need to deliver these tiles and more with the base set but I am not sure if they really plan on that.  Hopefully they will have more details about the tile sets by the time the pledge manager goes live.  The add on different tile set does come with doors and dungeon dressing so you get some more of those.

I have pledged since I have all those reaper bones looking for  game and this seems like it might be the perfect level to bring my kids in with.  The square movement is a little easier than the wide openness of chainmail.  Plus those chainmail minis could also find a home here as they have plenty of hero types in the humans, elves and dwarves and the monsters match up with undead, orciods, and the gnolls had demon allies.

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