Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dungeon Saga: Journey From the East

Last night I got a chance to run through the second of the training missions for the Dungeon Saga Alpha rules.  The set up is to train in spells and range attacks with the Heroes being the Elf Ranger with her bow and the human wizard.  The bad guys are 2 archer skeletons, 3 regular skeletons and 5 piles of bones to reinforce the skeletons during the game.  The heroes start near 2 magically warded doors and need to open one of them by casting the break ward spell on one a total of 5 times.  Since only the wizard can do this the archer is there to delay the advance of the Bones.

Initially I moved up the archer to cover the top passage but I moved up a little to far and got caught by a skeleton and then partial surrounded.  The wizard had to stop working on the door for a turn to come up and help me out with his two spells per turn once a game ability.  The ranger then essentially dodged an attack of opportunity to get back so that she could use her bow again.

The Heroes won again but it was closer as you can see they are about to be overwhelmed when the door was opened.  This game the heroes played more enjoyable than the first one since they have options of targets due to having ranged attacks and a small selection of spells.  This is only the very rough form of the rules but definitely reinforced the idea that all the heroes need a few more abilities at the start.

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