Saturday, August 16, 2014

GW Getting Very Desperate

Is it just me of does GW seem to be getting very desperate for sales.  They are releasing the Grey Knight Codex and Grey Knight stuff when they have not even finished all the space wolf releases.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with releasing new products, seems to me that they are going to run out of good looking minis and tested ideas pretty fast.   Some might say after the look of the recent space wolf models that they have already run out.  If they run through all the codexes in like 2 years  are they going to update the edition again at such a rate.  With the remaining players stand for an new edition in 2 or 3 years again.  I know all the games out there are being new editioned at a faster rate than ever before but this seems a bit excessive.


  1. not sure if it's despirate yet or part of some sort of plan, but yeah it's definatly odd GKs haven't gotten any new models with this release. the entire release is unprecidented.

  2. One of my Blogger colleagues pointed out the Necron codex is no longer available buy. Could they really be pushing through new product that quickly?

    Warseer and Dakka are full of death spiral discussions. As an armchair commentator it doesn't look good from where I'm sitting.

  3. I was in the store by my mom that sells GW stuff along with trains, models, and toys. Not even that tempted at 20% off retail. Only things I really looked at was a Landspeeder Storm since it is still retail 30 dollars and you could convert out the passengers to scout models and a venerable dread that was still priced like they bought it before June 2012. Talk about turns.

    1. agreed, the prices are off putting- especially when you realise that whatever model you get may be nerfed very quickly by an edition change or codex update. The only new model I've bought in ages was a Heldrake, I caved in and bought it a couple of months ago because I got fed up of losing with my CSM army, but before I got paint on it they had nerfed it!