Monday, September 8, 2014

Did GW earn the Double Deuce Today?

What a day for GW?  I already talked about their Space Hulk release but that is more WTF than real anger, but news has broken that someone has reported all of Galaxy in Flames excellent material as a Copyright violation and got his file account permanently suspended.  If you did not know Galaxy in Flames among other things had an excellent skirmish version of the grim dark game from the company everyone loves to hate.  Sort of like Killteam, but improved vastly.  I have a copy and think that he really did not go far enough in the conversion with way to many references back to the 40K rulebook for things.

Unfortunately the system for these things is stack against the little guy.  He could fight it and take it to court but then you need a legal team and it costs real money.  I think only a few blogs in this niche can afford stuff like that and given that the site had all of like 2 little static side ads that might not even be compensated that is not going to happen.  In court GW could probably claim trademark issues and I did see that he had a picture of some GW miniatures all painted up and based and that is a copyright violation but in the US, Game Rules are not copyrightable.  Do not believe me, go to the copyright office yourself

Now the author does not name any names, but I think it is not hard to guess who is up to this.  Maybe it is just a "good"Samaritan, helping out little old GW with their IP protection.   Heaven forbid people buy their miniatures and play a game with them.  They might have fun and want some more.  My dollars started walking away from GW years ago.  I have not bought a in print GW product in over a 15 months and my most recent purchase was produced more than 20 years ago.  I think they have made it clear through the past few years that they do not care about us, their customers, and given that they do not advertise and have cut staff to the bone, those many people who they do not care about are really the only people working to bring in and keep players.  Well, you reap what you sow and GWs harvests have been coming in smaller and smaller.  While I wish everyone who works hard designing miniatures and good games the best, the corporation deserves nothing from me.

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