Friday, September 5, 2014

X-Wing Miniatures: Tie Defender Starfighter

The Tie Defender is a ship I first encountered playing the Tie Fighter PC game that was a sequel to the classic X-Wing game.  It was a nice change of pace from flying a tie fighter where two hits would kill you.  The ship was definitely an upgrade.  That upgrade has made its was to the X-Wing Miniatures game.  The booster comes with the standard allotment of cards and counters.

The ship design is sort of funny looking.  Three interceptor like panels mounted with the opposite bend.

Back is sort of boring.

Good thing it has shields because it looks like the first thing to be hit is going to be the cockpit.

The ship is straight 3's which pretty much means it is good at everything.  Remember the early days where the attack and defense numbers stopped at 3.  The ships are very pricey and I do not know if I am sold on the uniques.  Both have nice abilities but one come into play some of the time.

5 Upgrade cards.  Predator looks pretty good for helping against swarms for an elite list.  An Ion Cannon would optimize the card text on Rexler for battling Rebels but makes it a 40 point ship.

One thing I did notice is that the defender has a white 4 K-Turn.  Not sure if I remember anyone else with not red K-Turns.  Looks like this ship is also a good change of pace for Imperial players looking for a bit of Rebel style play.


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    1. I am sure the Empire is on the look out for a notorious rebel like you. Thanks for coming by.

  2. Heya Brad, long time! I just popped in to check on things. I did get to play some X-Wing, finally, last month and I was surprised at how much I liked the game. Much more than anticipated, but I've been jaded on Star Wars for a few years now, this changed some of my thinking. Good to see you still truckin' on friend. Rock on.

    1. Still puttering along. I check up on your photos every so often. Looks like you found some interesting stuff hiding in your garage recently.