Tuesday, November 4, 2014

X-Wing: Rebel Transport X-Wing

I decided to split the X-Wing Rebel Transport into two posts.  One on the X-wing included and one on the transport.  The X-Wing is a repaint of the same ship available in the starter set or X-wing expansion pack.  The X-Wing now has the most options available in terms of pilots of any rebel ships with 10 pilots.  The new paint is pretty reasonable.

Nothing crazy like an entirely red fighters just some different strips and a different paint job on the astromech droid.

For Pilots you get the 2 generic pilots that were available in the other sets plus 4 new named pilots.  I think Tarn has a pretty useful skill for a pretty cheap X-Wing.  Both Hobbie and Wes also seem to be able to do interesting things.  Players often have a sizable number of X-wings in their collection as my 4 is pretty easy to come up with (2 starters, 1 expansion, and 1 in Rebel Transport).  Extra pilots are pretty handy.

You also get a bunch of new astromechs.  All of them a unique.  I think their are going to lots of options now for astromechs with these and the ones in the E-wing plus new ones in the Scum faction box.  These new ones all seem like they with combo up nicely with various pilots.  Not being a expert on all the card combos I cannot really offer advice about what is best together but the idea is to match up wingmen or pilots which have good synergy with.  You have 2 cards that generate stress tokens so they can match up with card texts that have uses of stress or extra ways to remove stress.  One uses focuses so match ups well with units that push out focus tokens.  R2-D6 is especially interesting as it is added a veteran skill slot for 1 point in exchange for your astromech. 


  1. Try Tarn with an R7 astromech (from the E-Wing). it is an absolutely stunning combo for only 25 points.

    1. That is definitely a good combo. Tarn may take target locks on people when they declare him as a target and the R7 allows you to then spend that just acquired target lock to force them to reroll part of their attack. R7 only works once per turn but still pretty solid defensive bonus.

      Thanks for coming by and commenting.