Thursday, February 12, 2015

Black Death Prepares for Season Two

The Blood Bowl league is about to start the next season and I am bring back my Chaos Dwarf team, Black Death, for another go.  I went 2-3-2 in the regular season and made the final playoff spot by 3 way tie breaker.  First round of the playoffs was a draw game that never got finished(long story) where I advanced to the finals to lose the game 2-1 to Khemri.  The defining moment of the game was at the end of the first half where the Khemri player needed like every ball handling skill to sure hands a ball, the pass a long pass, and then had the inaccurate pass scatter back onto the one player likely to score.  Due to the skills and such the success rate was like 15% for the play so not so impossible but enough that getting that outcome really tilts the balance for the rest of the game.

My current team has 3 Guard Dwarves, 1 Might Blow Dwarf, 2 Unskilled Dwarves, 1 Bull Centaur with Block and Dodge, 1 with Block and Break Tackle, 1 Kick Hobby, My Scoring Hobby with Sure Hands and Block, 2 Unskilled Hobbies, and a Standfirm Minotaur.  My team value is pretty high now at like 1630 so no more players or purchases.

The league has an interesting mix this season with Khemri, Nurgle, Pro Elf, High Elf, Norse, Slann, and 2 Skaven teams.  A lot of lower armor teams though so hopefully I can put some pain on them as they will probably be able to score on me pretty easy.  Time to work on my defense.

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