Sunday, July 5, 2015

All the Sections from the Skull Pass Mini Rulebook Longer than Age of Sigmar

So as a quick check I was wondering how the old rulebook from 7th edition compares to the new rules:

Playing the Game (2 Pages)
Characteristics (1 Page)
Units (4 Pages)
The Turn (1 Page)
Movement (14 Pages)
Shooting (7 Pages)
Close Combat (15 Pages)
Psychology (6 Pages)
Weapons (4 Pages)
Monsters (4 Pages)
Chariots (3 Pages)
Skirmishers (3 Pages)
Flyers (2 Pages)
Fast Cavalry (1 Page)
Unit Strength (2 Pages)
Characters (7 Pages)
Command Groups (2 Pages)
Generals&BattleStandards (1 Page)
Warmachines (11 Pages)
Special Rules (4 Pages)
Buildings (4 Pages)
Special Features (2 Pages)
Victory (2 Pages)
The Magic Phase (7 Pages)
Lores of Magic (9 Pages)
Magic Items (3 Pages)

So 7 sections of the book are longer and 4 are the same length.  Nothing wrong with short and concise rules but hard to squeeze a lot of depth into 4 pages.  But this game is all about freedom right.  I think the change from formed units to all essentially skirmishers is the biggest change and takes away a lot of the game play structure.  But the game was not selling well so needed to be 40Kified.  I never played Fantasy but I would guess that is more about limited free time as I got the Skull Pass a few weeks before my first child was born.  I seemed to have less free time after that for some reason.


  1. actually it sounds like they decided to make AoS the game for people who think 40k is too complex

    1. The basic game play is very 40K like now though if 40K is more complicated,