Monday, July 27, 2015

Horus Heresy Oh My Part II

Back in March the rumor going around was that GW was releasing a Horus Heresy box game in the spring.  I talked about it here.  Pretty much all of that discussion remains true but that time has come and gone with no release.  Now we are seeing "Leaks" of a early Marks of Space Marine armor in plastics.  The interwebs is ablaze with discussion.  I looked at the models.  Honestly the are pretty bland, certainly nothing fancy or anything GW could not have done 5 years ago.  I like the classic looks myself since I cut my teeth on Space Marine back in the day (hence the above picture of the side of my Space Marine box) but do I really need more marines in 28 or 6 mm scale.  At last count I have like 10 or unassembled marines of various types in the bit box for like 4 years.  I have passed on the new Vanguard, Sternguard, Tactical, Devastator, and Assault Marine kits for 40K.  Not because the models do not look nice but because other than some minor option differences I have plenty of those models already if I decided to pick up 40K in the future again.  I did not need to spend like 220 dollars for like 30 more marines for a couple off grav weapons and a standard marine portable heavy flamer or really big sword.

Now if GW releases Horus Heresy plastics I sure it will be a huge success for them.  It might reduce pure space marine sales a little but they can just put a premium price on these new kits since all the new kits are more expensive that older kits anyway.  Remember you need a lot of marines in a Heresy Army so you will need at least 6 of these 50 dollar tactical boxes.  Oh and your assault marines and devastators will look funny with these guys so how about another 4 boxes of these new 45 dollar 5 man assault marine and 2 boxes of 55 dollars 5 man devastators and another 50 dollar tactical box to round out those.  Remember the character and command squad for another 80 dollars.  Well now you have modern battle company of Heresy marines and those come with free rhinos now (in points and not dollars).  Now another 9 of the redesigned  Mark I rhinos at 50 dollars each.  Only need like 1170 dollars and you to can have a brand new Heresy Modeled Modern Battle Company ready for the table top.  You will really need more since real Heresy companies where much bigger.  An old company is like a full chapter now.

How is it different from your other one that you already had some one asks?  Can't you see everything is styled differently.

Does it play differently?  Not really.  Actually less options unless I get some 100 dollar forge world stuff but look at those bolters.

So this is pure collector focus which is selling more expensive marines to fewer and fewer players.  More of Games workshop selling models to their target demographic of people who collect games workshop miniatures as opposed to investing time and money into finding new customers or bringing old ones back to their games.

Trust me I know collecting GW stuff.  I have like 90% of the pitch used Blood Bowl Miniatures GW has ever produced. Collecting can also be called Hoarding.  If you have some lovely painted armies on display or used regularly that is great.  If you have bunch of bare metal and plastic in the garage in bins that does not get used less so.

Onward to the 1000 dollar collectors limited edition tactical squad which has this super awesome datasheet.


  1. I also reserve my comments on models till I see them in person. Sprues and plastic assembled photos always pale in comparison to the actual figures. If age of sigmars quality is any indication, the heresy plastics will be phenomenal.

    1. I am sure they will be as good as the last space marine release like a few months ago.