Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dungeon Saga Delivery Schedule Update

Unfortunately I am suspecting that delivery is still slipping for the game.  Yesterday they noted that production of the core pledge was done but has not shipped to them yet.  Given estimates from Reapers stuff that probably means like 2 months still until delivery of the Core Pledge with 3-4 weeks for international shipping, 1 week internal shipping, 1 week in customs, 1 week organizing and packing, and 1 week to deliver.   So currently end of October seems like the date for base pledges.  Then I expect the expansions material to not be shipping to backers until about December.  Luckily here it is mainly card/booklet stuff that needs to printed since many of the minis for the expansions were also rewards for the base pledge.  There are tiles,cards,counters and rulebooks for 3 expansions (Orcs/Goblins, Infernals, and Dragon) plus a tile set for the Black Fortress no of which we have seen much information on.  With still three months until people get the stuff it feels like Mantic is taunting us with a week of previews.  I know it is to try to drive some presales but they essentially got most of that action with the kickstarter.  This stuff would have been great to see back in February when there were very limited details for the pledge manager.

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