Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lego Star Wars: DeathStar Troopers

Here we have one of the battle pack type sets that Lego puts out each year for the Star Wars range.  The set has 2 Deathstar gunners, 2 Royal Guards, and a Turbolaser that we wall know is not very good against small fighters.  It is not a set that you buy many of since neither of two types of minifigures form an army or force but one or two gives you some figures that you might not have another reasonably priced source for.

The gunners have single sided faces to go with printed legs and printed front and back torsos.  The Royal Guards use the plain black head piece.

The Turbolaser is pretty basic but not bad.  Gunner seat and elevation.

The two main barrels do not move back or forth which would have added something to the play functions.

There is a flick fire missle near the top but honestly people are buying this set to get the minifigures so you can have some one to hang with the Emperor without dropping 400 dollars for the big Deathstar set.

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