Friday, August 14, 2015

Making Games Customers Want?

I was watching some Mantic Gencon coverage on YouTube yesterday and saw on a Beast of War video Ronnie saying there was an issue when trying to figure out what to do about Warpath.  It seems half the people want a large battle game in the spirit of Warpath while the other half want the individual model movement squad style firefight game.  So Ronnie said they were looking into creating rule sets for both so people can use their models in three levels of gameplay: Skirmish with Deadzone, A Fightfire game, and a Battle game.  Sounds like a great idea.  Get to Work on it.  I agree that there seems to be a market there for the middle game which perhaps 40K used to be with like 30 models on a side which is clearly too big to think of as a skirmish game but still small enough to have individual model placement matter and units to move on the field without constantly running into another.


  1. In my experience this is a field where new companies have to shine, because they don't have a loyal fanbase that will 'just buy it anyway.' They NEED to make stuff people will want because it's good, not on loyalty.

    Mantic hasn't been around all that long, but they seem pretty good about making stuff that I want to buy because it's a good idea. I think they can go pretty far on just selling to people that GW alienates.