Friday, October 2, 2015

X-Wing: Tie Bomber Expansions

I appear to have missed the Tie Bomber when I was doing my rundowns of the various X-Wing ship so here it is much belated.  The other ships and stuff can be found in my X-Wing Page.  The model is pretty nice with solid detailing and none of the small bits that are prone to warping.

There is one thing that I do not really like though.  Can you see it in above and below pictures.

The bomb dropper on the bottom is pretty obscured by the mounting peg.  I am not sure what else they could have done but just think that as made it hurts the look of the model.

The ship has only 4 pilots with 2 standard and 2 unique.  That is a pretty low number for the tie style ships.  The bomber starts pretty cheap at 16 points and comes with solid hull no shields and average attack and defense.  Once you start adding the secondary weapons it starts to get pricey fast.  It is ofcourse a great candidate for the ordinance failsafe upgrade.(Edit Prper Name Munitions Failsafe)  Captain Jonus has a nice wingmate buff that probably works best sporting a different ship with a turret or cannon weapon that is not one shot.  Major Rhymer weapon range modifier is nice but he start expensive and needs to buy upgrades just to use it.

The pack comes with 5 upgrade cards most of which are secondary weapons to fill the bays of the Bomber.  I am so far behind the meta that I really cannot tell you if any of these are useful.  I have always stayed away from the one use upgrades which all of these are.


  1. There is an upgrade in the later packs that allows you to "not fire" a one use item unless it hits. Muntions failsafe or something to that effect.

    1. I think I referred to it as ordnance failsafe but it is munitions failsafe which can be found in the z95 set as well as others.