Friday, November 6, 2015

X-Wing: Original Core Set

This is a post mainly for a archive as this came out years ago and they have just released a new version with the revised ships and apparently a new damage deck from the new movie.  The Core Set comes with everything you need to play a very very small game of X-Wing.  Outside the three ships what comes in the box that you need are the rules, attack and defense dice (custom marked 8 siders), movement templates, and assorted additional counters,mission markers and asteroid markers.  Probably the hardest thing to come by would be the damage deck as you can make your own templates and just use a number system on the dice.  I bet a lot of this stuff was on the secondary market when the set was new as people might by more than 1 to save a little on the ships.  I personally got 2 sets as they were on clearance for like 20 dollars at target about a year after the game was released.

The box comes with 2 tie fighters and 1 x-wing and playing straight out of the box I think the imperials have the advantage with the 2 to 1 even if you try to balance a game at like 25 points.  I apparently got one of the pegs mixed in with some other ships.

The Ties are the same as the expansion pack with not difference so it is not even like the repaints or marking changes seen with later releases.

The back of the ship ofcourse.  Need different views for any review.

Here are the pilots from the starter.  Not that anyone needs this information this late in the production run but you get 3 standard(with doubles of each also) and 3 unique pilots.

Now 3 shots of your friendly neighborhood X-Wing.

Maybe you should not put your deflector screens at double front when people are chasing you.

The X-Wings have a problem with keeping their cannons straight.  I do not think I have seen very many of these that looked just right.

For the X-Wing it is two standard and 2 unique pilots.  Biggs is there to get shot at so he will die fast while Luke is better at defending with a minor defensive focus always in effect.

The starter set only comes with 5 upgrade cards between the 3 ships and 3 of the 5 only work with the X-Wing.  Since you pretty much need this set to play the game I can recommend it as the game is pretty good.  It has grown to big already and probably is now totally outside the scope of balancsble but still can be fun.

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