Monday, February 29, 2016

Lego X-Men vs The Sentinel

This set I got in an after holiday clearance sale for half off.  I was also watching a Guardians of the Galaxy set but it did not make it down to the level I was waiting for so missed it.  That is life when you do not want to pay MSRP.  The is a marvel X-Men set not to be confused with the Fox X-Men movies even if it did appear at about the same time as the Days of Future Past movie which had Sentinels, Wolverine, Magneto and even Storm.  In the set you get 4 minifigures, 1 sentinel, and a small Blackbird, so 25 dollars seems like a good price to pay but certainly not the 50 Lego had it listed at.

The minifigures are Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and Magneto.  All look pretty good.  Storm has an old school outfit with a very customer fuzzy cape that connects to her wrists.  Wolverine and Magneto both include hair to exchange with their helmets. Magneto has a little metal plate to levitate on.

Back printing and two sided heads are standard now for these licensed figures.  Magneto's cape is hiding his but there is some there.
For a small brick built figure as opposed to a custom mold the sentinel comes off pretty good.  Nice pink and purple colors with printed bricks instead of decals.  He has fingers that move a little and a little stud in the center of the hand which can either hold the laser blast or a plug into the back of a minifigures leg to hold it.  One thing I do not like is that the head is not on a swivel and is fixed looking forward but that is a pretty easy change to make if desired.

The upper part of the back could use some more detailing with maybe another of the purple curves to finish it off.  That is probably a tough piece to find so it will most likely stay as is.

The Blackbird is certainly smaller than the inspiration but actually not bad.  It is very swishable and has two hidden spring missiles that can pop up in the back.

The wings and engine mounts look pretty good.  The wings allow some adjustment in the orientation of the secondary surfaces but my son did manage to knock the wings off all the time the other day but he is only 4.

The ship has room for 4 with 2 up in the cockpit.

Along with 2 more in the middle of the plane.  Pretty tight fit for adult hands to get them in their but I guess we are not their target audience anyway.  The very back is a tool box with various items you might need to fix the plane.

All and all not a bad buy for 25 dollars especially since I am a Xmen fan from back in my youth where my brother and I collected X Men and X Factor comics.  I remember at one point I had all the X-Factors from 1 to like 50 which is not anywhere near as impressive as having all the X-men like that but still took some saving to get them.  Ofcourse that was during the comic book bubble of the late 80's so they all were probably sold for much less than I paid for them when my brother cleared out the collection in the 2000s after my mom delivered them all to his apartment while in graduate school.

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