Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mantic Plus Kickstarters Means Someone gets Screwed

Mantic just put out an update for the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter. Way down at the bottom in their is a throw away type annoucement with no details really that says:  

Please be aware that there may be some unique items that we are unable to get hold of. If this is the case, we will be in touch with you once we’ve confirmed what stock we won’t have, and will offer an alternative.

So in effect they are saying that some people just might not be getting certain things. They will not make more. They can claim cannot but that is almost never true for something you made 6 months ago. You can always make more of something its just the cost is not reasonable for you to do it. They would rather just screw those customers out of most likely the kickstarter exclusive stuff. Nice Job Mantic. Way to step up and fix your mistakes.

Mantic Kickstarters are like an inverse lottery where most people do fine but a select few win.  If you win you prize disappears down a never ending whole of horrible kickstarter delivery and customer service issues.


  1. So so glad I did not pledge into this.
    I'm done with Mantic and Kickstarter in general.

    1. The truth about Mantic and kickstarters is most people get most of the stuff promised. I will contend that that in Dungeon Saga no one got all the stuff promised. Mantic would disagree and claim that everything was just a normal kickstarter development change but those usually need to be communicated to backers in a discussion during development with reasons not after stuff has started shipping. Some people do much much worse with about 5-10% of backers in the KOW 2 and DS kickstarters just having their pledges lost in mantics computer system and the components just not ordered hence they cannot deliver everything since it probably essentially costs the same to get 50 copies of a plastic mini as 500 once for a new order.