Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dead Eye: Revenant Ranger

Rumors persist in the area of a foul undead archer who stalks the crypts of Mantica with a band of unmerry former men.  His hatred for the living leads him to slay any who come near but a few have managed to escape.  These lucky souls have named him Dead Eye.  Anyone who knows his true name have long since turned to dust.

So here is my first attempt at making a new Bosses for Dungeon Saga.  This Bosses is designed for use in the Uncharted Dungeons where you need to make your own Bosses but they fail to give you any templates for the Undead.  People are also very interested in combining Invisible Overlord and Uncharted Dungeons so I have tried to create a Boss that would not stress the IO rules with lots of special choices.

For Undead it is make the character sort of normally The first template I am trying is Revenant:

Revenant Boss:
-1 Move, +1 Armor, Skeletal(Ignores first hit from any attack).

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