Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blood Bowl: Where to Get Teams?

So GW has dropped the newest version of Blood Bowl, but it does seem a little lacking in teams.  Starting a league with only miniatures for 3 types of teams is a bit of a waste.  The LRB 6 rulebook which is very very similar to the new release has rules for 24 teams.  You can ofcourse convert teams out of other GW plastics.  There was a great set of images up on the Warhammer World site like a week ago from last years Bugman's Cup of converted teams but they removed it now since this years event passed.

Another great place to look is at the third party manufacturers.

Impact Miniatures
Willy Miniatures
Greebo Games

Or Places the retail a variety of models
Tritex Games

While these minis are going to be more expensive generally the GW 12 man plastics(Only Skaven currently), I am guessing they will be priced fine compared Forgeworld stuff.

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