Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chapter Banner Man

Here is the first member of my new Honor Guard Unit. The Chapter Bannerman. He started life as the dual lightening claw vet in the previous set of veterans. Those claws are off to my Shrike model so I decided to use him for this. He has a great pose and nice details. I added the command squad banner pole, commander powersword, pistol, and attack bike holstered bolter. Even drilled out the holstered bolter on the back.

Also made a custom armor pad by cutting of the Ultramarines U from a commander one. This leaves a small skull which matches nicely all the other small skulls including the one on his knee.

I am thinking I might also elevate the vet with power axe from the same vet squad to the honorguard. Much smaller change of removing pistol for bolter and adding holstered pistol.


  1. Very nice mate - followed the link from your latest pose.

    I really dog the bolter - what kit is that from?

  2. Comes from the Attack Bike kit.