Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year Conversion Plans

Here are the models I am planning on building in the next couple of weeks.

Special Characters:

Shrike: I am going to use mainly a basic beaky assault marine with the 2 lightening claws off the metal veteran with an iron halo probably from commander box.. I really do not see the use of a single vanguard having 2 lightening claws when the same points gets me 1 lc of one guy and 1 power weapon for another.

Telion: I am going to use slightly modified bald head from the space marine commander box coupled to a standard bolter scout with a scope and silencer(from spare sniper) add to the mini.

Honor Guards:

Chapter Champion: Space Marine commander back, company champion front, helmet shoulder pads. Power weapon, bolter, and holster pistol.

Chapter Banner: The rest of the 2 lightening claw veteran with a company banner and power axe, Holstered bolter from attack bike, and holstered pistol.

3 Honor guards with bolters and power swords.

Terminator Apocathary: Switching a white dwarf termi to a thunderhammer yields a spare termi to build an Deathwing Apocathary using the normal Apo front plate and a custom build reductor based on a chainfist. That way I can build the ravenwing/bike command squad apocathary still with the backpack and normal reductor if I want to in the future.

Scout Sergeant with shotgun for scout bike and powerfist.

Sternguard and Vanguard Marines.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your Apothecaries, I'm building those myself but they most likely won't be as fancy as yours.

  2. I am also thinking about a Vulkan but he will probably require some significant green stuff work. I was thinking of overlayering my space wolves cap back and front to make the drake hide. I also have an old powerfist which might be changable into a flamer.

  3. Looks like Telion and the scout sergeant are on hold. One of my local stores was out of battleforces after he told me he had one but he gave me a good deal on some other stuff instead.