Saturday, December 13, 2008

Digging Oneself A Deep Hole

In my introductory post I noted that I had about 7000 points of unpainted marines. This is pretty intimidating to look at as a project. This includes a battlecompany, 3 10 scout squads, 4 5 man termi squads, vanguard squad, sternguard squad, assorted weapon options, characters and a small assortment of bikes, speeders, light tanks. I am pretty slow at just the base coat of boltgun and liche purple. Highlighting is going to kill me. I am starting mainly on the starter set marine(3 tac squads) as my practice and experiment group. I think I might line up all the units just to show the random state in the future. I would love to hear the if other people have set themselves up in this kind of state.

Not to mention my tyrant and assault brood box which are still pieces or my 16 blood bowl teams.

Here is the Sons of Twilight Chapter so far. Not even half primed.

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  1. Yes. Same here. Only far far worse. I have, if you can believe it, given up counting as I found that even if I took what little time I had to count, it would gain me far more by painting and assembling. Once I got past 5000 per army, I gave up trying to track it.

    However obscene it might seem, I sit like some Chaos lord and grin every time I attempt to do a "stock day." I smile wide.