Thursday, December 11, 2008

Every Chapter Master is Pedro

Here is my work in progress Counts as Pedro. Really no reason not to take Pedro if you are interested in a Chapter Master. Maybe you do not like the I1 of the powerfist but other than that his abilities vs cost compared to a normal Chapter Master are outstanding. Essential get scoring Sternguard, Stubborn, and +1 Attack Banner effect for like 20 points ~ 1 marine.

Added Basing with building bit and ork skull plus drilled out stormbolter. Next step brushed on black basecoat.


  1. Nice conversion work

    And in regards to the title of the article: THE BANE OF MY EXISTANCE AS A NON-CODEX SM PLAYER. Character driven lists GAH!

    Anyway, on an unrelated note, I'll go ahead and add your blog to my blogroll on Sepulchre of Heroes if you'd kindly return the favour here.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I will happily add you to my short list of blogs. I just saw your site recently through jawballs blood angels page.