Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the Next Project is ...

Razorback Turrets. Everyone pick the hardest one. Well at least no green stuff work. Before I can really get started I need to build my new vindi and rhino/razorback frame to see what parts can be saved for use in the turrets. I luckily have 2 classic rhino style tanks(old vindi and old predator) in my collection so I have plenty of interesting armor plates to use for the project. I also have 2 classic side metal lascannons which could be used without chopping down a plastic one. I am pretty sure I have enough parts to build 2 so if the first one comes out poorly I can try another one.


  1. Well it's going to be hard to make anything if I "ground" you from any and all 40K. I seem to have found little plastic bits on the kitchen table and all over the floor this morning. It's going to be hard to go your event this week end if all your stuff is locked up!