Sunday, January 4, 2009

Honor Roll

Here are the mini's I have assembled for my Honor Guard Unit. From left to right we have an Honor guard with Relic Blade, Chapter Champion, Chapter Banner, and 2 normal Honor Guards. I have one more guy to build using dark angels robes for the first batch of 6 to fit nicely in a Razorback if used. Pedro rides with some vanguard in a Rhino.

The metal Honor Guard unit from GW do look really great but there are just to many Ultramarine U's to make them practical for home brew chapter. I also did not want such a uniform look since it did not fit my back story of a chapter on the brink of failure. I wanted each member to look unique as they have built their armor up as they moved through the ranks and not just had it bestowed on them when they joined the Honor Guard. I think that any of them would make a reasonable captain model for an army which was what I was going for.

This is the chapter champion. He has company champion front and shoulder pads, commander head and back, and a powermace from the dark angels veterans box. I just cut off the dark angels medallion and replaced it with a crux termius type one. A great thing about using the mace is that it is different enough from the other power weapons to call it a thunderhammer. While adding a thunderhammer makes the unit even more expensive, it helps against dreadnoughts and other big nasties.

If anyone is interested I will post some close up pics of the other 2 plastic ones.


  1. Really liking what you did with the lightning claw vet turned to standard bearer. He's the only vet from that box where I haven't figured out where he's going.