Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poll: What should my next project be?

I put up a poll the other day asking what people out there thought my next project should be now that my Honor Guard is built. I have gotten some responses which is good so I thought I might discuss each of the projects in a little more detail.

Razorback Turrets: So I am planning on converting my current TL Heavy Bolter turret to TL Assault Cannon. This is pretty straight forward and nothing big. I am also planning on a bigger project of building Lascannon+ TL Plasmagun turret. Originally I was thinking about doing something simple like what is seen for the Space Wolves campaign army in the back of the 4th Edition rules, but I decided I will try to build the manned turret like is visible in the sample ultramarines army in the beginning of the 3rd edition softcover. I expect that I will not make it such that the turret will actually rotate just mounted at a slight angle to show it should.

Terminator Apocathry: This guy is based on the versions from the Dark Angels white dwarf a little while ago. While I have a full unused apocathry right now most of his bits are going to go to a biker command squad so I am planning on building the reductor by hand out of assorted bits and a chainfist. The white dwarf ones actually cut the reductor apart and mounted it one a chainfist. The only real apocathry parts I expect to use are the bottles and bits cut off the front chest since those would not work well with the seated biker.

Moondrakken, The Jetbike: So when I was spending my holiday money I picked up another set of 3 bikes(with metal torso pieces) along with a single scout bike. I already had 6 bikes usuable as either 6 marine bikes or 3 marine bikes and 3 scout bikes(previous versions). This new set brings me up to 9 bikes plus an attack bike which allows for 2 scoring unit of 5 models if I just had a captain on a bike, but I am short 1 sm bike to put him on. I was thinking that I would like to make my own Khan model and his bike is special. Maybe he can have a jetbike that just cannot maintain much altitude due to unrepairable malfunctions. Not quite a jetbike for game purposes but enough additional ability for the running and fleet it has over normal bikes. I though I could use my new scout bike as the chasis for this since it is smaller. I have a picture of the jetbikes from the late 80's to try to model after using parts from the city ruins kits.

Veterans: I need a couple of new Veterans since I reorganized my army so I would build them. Nothing really special.

Paint Something, Anything: I have an huge army to paint but I just like building things better. I cannot help it. Just like at work where I like to do all the new stuff and let others fill in the small details for existing things.


  1. My vote goes to paint something, as I'm the exact same - always drag my heels once it comes to painting.

    ps. although I'd say don't convert your HB turret to AC, but build a new one so you can swap.

  2. My vote is to paint something before 1) all the paints dry up and I have to toss them and 2) because your photos would be much more interesting if your guys were painted.