Saturday, January 17, 2009


So my poll looks to be going to the razorbacks but I needed 2 new vets for an event next weekend so I figured it was fine. First guy is a vanguard sergeant with Relic Blade. My old vanguard sergeant with Relic Blade earned a promotion to the honor guard so I needed a replacement. This is of course jump pack free vanguard. Relic Blade is a champion sword cut at the wrist and mounted at a different angle on a different arm.

Next is a beaky sternguard vet crouching. My vets are generally denoted by color scheme(white trim on shoulder pads). The sternguards often have gun sights and/or bionic eyes.

Next post will probably be a list and then a selection of the bits for the las-plas razorback project.


  1. Well I got my first spam comments. I am on the way up.

  2. I like your use of the old style bolters on guys. Nice effect.