Monday, January 12, 2009


This is my simple counts as Shrike. My goal is not to reproduce the Shrike image but to make a simple version out of the parts I have. Nothing really special. Shrike is actually pretty easy since he probably should not have a lot of extra stuff. Only really interesting thing is that I used the Dark Angels beaky head where the sword is removed. I am considering adding some type of smoke launchers to one of his Talons to represent the See But Not be Seen rule.


  1. Are you going to paint designs down the beak of his helmet? Otherwise you should file down the dark angels symbol a little more. I like him though.

  2. He looks great, especially seeing as he would have to be solely equipped for fast strikes, so any medals or pieces of parchment would be blown off as he soared through the sky, so a nice simple conversion like this works really well for his character. I especially like the use of the Dark Angels beaked helmet, but then again I am biased to all that utilises the Dark Angels!

  3. I went in and cleaned up the nose a bit more still trying to keep the wing details as much as possible. Delicate work.