Saturday, January 10, 2009

Honor Guard Grenade Launcher

Here is the Honor Guard with Grenade Launcher. Champion head, space wolves powersword(taken off a partial painted model who got moved into the Sternguard and a Lightening Claw instead), commander tabard and shoulder pad.
Grenade Launcher was made with a standard bolter. I moved the barrel up and did the side ammo feed. I then used another barrel taken out of a flamer(any cylinder of the same size will work) mounted underneath. I then cut off the normal clip and replaced it with 3 shells on band together cut from longer piece from the new scout biker.
I made sure I drilled out the two barrels to different diameters to make sure they appear different.
One more guy is pretty much done but I need to get a holstered bolter like I used on my Banner man. Anyone got a spare one. It is in the attack bike kit and actually make the bike not WYSIWYG if you use it.


  1. Nice converting there, Matey!

    - Drax.

  2. Just make your own bolter in holster. Holsters are one of the easiest things to green stuff. Just use a flat metal ruler and add any details you like. As usual nice conversion dude.

  3. Maybe I will give that a try. I do not have a shortage of bolters to try it on, but my greenstuff skills are pathetic and my green stuff is like 2 years old so I am not even sure if it will still be good. I did store it in a plastic bag.