Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shroud of the Dead Honor Guard

Here is the seventh member of my Honor guard unit. He is clearly made up of dark angel veteran parts with a few extras thrown in. In the Sons of Twilight Chapter, full robes are award to sole survivors of units to honor those lost in battle. Survivor guilt of those who have these generally leads them to heroic actions in an attempt to join their fallen comrades. This either leads to a quick end or rapid advance into veteran units. While marines who wear the shrouds of the dead may earn terminator honors they are almost never put into command roles like veteran sergeants or captain lest they lead whole units on suicide missions.

Here you can see that the shoulder pad matches the backpack topper and the holstered bolter for WYSIWYG. The metal power sword is from the veterans MKII box.

A little shrine in the back to close it off.

I just got my black templar upgrade box to make at least 2 more honor guards and probably finish of the master of the deathwing.

You can see more of my assortment of honor guard members on the right the labels section under honor guard. I think each one has its own character.


  1. Well done. It is a simple but very effective conversion.

  2. Looks nice. I don't think I've seen that holstered Bolter before. Where did you get that?

  3. It is from the SM attack bike. There it is just a pointless accent piece that actually would make the attack bike not WYSIWYG. I have used 2 of them in this unit. One is on the Banner carrier since holding the banner and power weapon was more interesting so he got a holstered bolter and holster pistol. One of the 2 more honor guards I am working on will get a sheathed power weapon which he will be in just getting ready to draw phase.

  4. He looks really good, nicely made model. I also like the survivors guilt idea.

  5. This one belongs in the current top five!