Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mk IV Honor Guard

Here is the first Honor Guard made from the bits in my new black templar upgrade box. He is significantly less embleshed than the other honor guards but he makes up for it with his unique armor. I have one more head and chest like this which I think will be going to my Vulkan conversion. I noticed in the close ups he needs a little more clean up. Giving credit where credit is due the pose was stolen from WD310 from an Angels of Absolution conversion by John Shaffer.

Side View showing the shealth power weapon.


  1. Love that issue of WD. That article influenced me to create a crusade army :)

  2. I may have missed it in a previous post...but where do those chest plate come from? Are they forgeworld? Did you make them yourself?

    Really great conversion. Helluva marine!

  3. The head, chest plate, sword, and skull shoulder pad all come from the Black Templar chapter upgrade box from GW(Part Code:
    99120101043). While I first thought this box was very over priced, I was happy to learn that you get 2 sets of the marine upgrades and 1 set of the vehicle. While at 30 dollars it is still pricey for actually having 0 full marines (no legs, no backplates, only 2 backpacks), the bits are great for making unique characters for any army and you can probably find someone with an actual Black Templar army who will trade for the extra bits.

    The head and sword are used as is.

    The chest plate had a small crusader cross on the bottom front cut off and replaced with a small skull.

    The shoulder pads had the crusader crosses cut and filed off leaving only the skull from the center.

  4. Man I love that sheathed Power Sword. If only it weren't so obviously BT ;P

  5. My Marines are not to proud to salvage from fallen comrades and foes.

  6. If you wanted to make the sword less Black templar I would replace cut of the purity seal and replace it with a standard one. I would also advise cutting down the tangs(sp) to remove the hilt side of the crosses at the tips. You could probably follow the angle from the cut out down to the hilt and get a pretty good look. Might have to remove the rivet since they would end up at the very edge.