Thursday, April 23, 2009

GW Online Blood Bowl Mini's

I was recently going through the GW specialist game site and found that they have essentially made the players you need to take the 12 man starter team up to 16 man again. I will note that the cost of the individuals is high way robbery but the booster packs appear better aligned with what you actually need. I also noticed that they fixed a Nurgle Team so you get a playable team under the current rules unlike the unopened team box I have in my basement that GW sent me for subscribing to WD back in 05/06.


  1. Perfect! Think I would've liked 2 ghouls/2 zombies, but 2 ghouls plus 1 each of the linemen is still a great deal for $18. (Well considering individual mini's are $9)

    Thanks for the heads up, time to bulk up the Torne Bane Flaming Ears

  2. Glad to hear the info is helpful. GW does not do a good job with letting people know what is going on with the specialist lines.

    I had complained to them about 2-3 years ago that the nurgle starter box they were selling was not a legal team anymore according to their own rules.

  3. To bad ogres cost $20 a piece for me...

  4. You can get the starter box which is only 75 for 5 including the thrower and goblin star player who is 25 themselves. You still need those snotlings though.