Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plastic Sternguard

Here are some examples of the plastic sternguard I have built up. This first group use the bionic eye components to unify them. Most of the heads come from the vehicle accessories but the first one is from the plastic devastator set. Two of the models have veteran shoulder pads.

This next set all have scopes which ties them in with most of the models from the previous set. I also tried a couple of different armor styles with a beakie and a crusader helm here.

This is the combi weapon group and for some reason these guys are all in Mk VIII armor. These guys were mainly built before the new codex as veteran sergeants.


  1. Good idea, the new sternguard models are rubbish really with very little setting them apart from tac squads and they're more expensive... and metal, metal doesn't like me :S

  2. I actually like the metal models, I just have not gotten a chance to pick them up yet. I got a ton of plastic marine boxes from my wife and family for christmas so I used those bits to make these guys.

    I plan to mainly set them apart with a white sholder trim to the bolt gun of non veterans.