Friday, April 10, 2009

Vanguard Marine

Here is a quick shot of a newly assembled Vanguard Marine. For the recent apoc game, I needed another vangaurd with lightening claw so I made this guy. Pretty standard combining of running legs from the assault marines with the claw from the SM commander box. I did do some cutting of the claw arm at the shoulder joint to change the angle. While the claw up is ok, this gave a much better pose. This vet could be running hard or he could have just sent a slashing blow down across some Orks face. Overal a pretty nice pose for addition to my secondary vanguard squad.


  1. I love the pose, but no Jump Packs? I've recently started some Vanguard myself, and after assembling them decided to pop off their old packs and bit-order some plastic Jump packs, at least to take advantage of their 'Heroic Intervention' rule.

  2. I use this unit of vanguard like Khorne Bezerkers out of a rhino in a mech list. I put a different upgrade on about 3-4 of them so I am hitting with the help of Pedro on a charge 4 powerfist(4 for Pedro also) attacks, 4 lightening claw attacks, 4 relic blade attacks, 5 powerweapon attacks and like 25 normal attacks. I like them in the rhino in this list since the opponent has to chose were to put his anti tank firepower at the sternguards rhino, vanguards rhino, one of the vindis, the predator etc.

    I am working on a jump pack unit but currently it is only a few members total.

  3. Makes total sense given all that, and serves as a reminder that I need some tanks, badly!