Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Labyrinth Comics and Games Saturday Tourament

The lab had a little event this weekend that I got to go to. I ran a Shrike plus scouts list detailed here. Basic idea is just try try to get close and assault fast with fleet scouts with support from assault marines and bikes. Even though this was sort of an odd list I managed through mainly luck on opponents and always winning turn choice to get second place in the battles with my 2-0-1 record. My list was not to heavy but played to slow to get sportsmanship and nothing was painted so no possible prize for me there. The top battle prize went to Daemons for a 3-0-0 record.

First Game: Chaos Space Marines

Spearhead with 3 objectives plus random meteor strikes. This list is tough for me since chaos marines are better in assault than normal marines. I won first turn and just setup my speeders and assault marines then after he set up most of his army in his corner I boxed him in with my infiltrators then scout moved to 12. I immobilized both of his transports and was assaulting during the first turn. The game ran really slow as the scouts and chaos marines worked on each other in combat. His heavy hitting lord and chaos terminators just got a deepstrike mishap so got placed away from the action. The game only made 2 turns in the time with me holding 2 and contesting 1 but we agreed it was a draw since I had started pretty much holding 2 and pretty close to the third. Telion earned his points back with a Bullet to the head of a Aspiring Sorcerer in a 1K Sons squad.

Second Game: New Imperial Guard

Dawn of War with Annihilation with sandstorms that occasional caused difficult terrain and night fighting. List had a ton of different things including 3 or so of the unique upgrade characters. Since this was dawn of war and the opponent did not have a fleet advisor I gave him first turn and held everything but the snipers for outflanking/deepstriking. After a long discussion of how platoons and units work in Dawn of War he deployed some combined platoons and then moved most of his forces on in turn 1. I moved on my assault marines behind a building to hide them and fast moved the landspeeders up.

He then destroyed my speeders and he put some fire on my snipers and on my assault marines from Marbo's demo pack and some deepstriking storm troops. He failed to force either to fall back so the snipers killed Marbo while the assault marines drop the stormtroopers to one lone brave member who fought on. Deepstrike the assault termis right in front of his line while I moved flankers in on his flankers to one side. His next turn decided the game where he put 2/3 of his fire power into trying to kill 5 assault terminators. We are talking about a decked out russ, 5 plasmacannon shot russ, bassilisk, 4 different squads. I think he might have killed 1. We were running short on time and I was already up kill points before my half of the turn with several guard units in assault range for multi assault by the termis and others by my scouts. My heavy hitting bike squad with Shrike also had not arrived so he called the game for me.

Third Game: Space Marines

While my first 2 games were against young players learning their armies this one was against an old pro. He had a Master of the Forge with 3 Drop Podded Dreads(1 Ven, 2 Iron Clad) supported by crusader with thunderhammer termis, 2 drop pods of tac squads, and a TL LC+ML Dread. The mission was a combined annhilation with 3 objectives worth 1 KP (1 random one was worth 2). I gave him first turn and reserved absolutely everything. He dropped in and secured the objectives and moved up his raider. I came in and popped the raider with my bikers then assaulted the termis(not my best good idea). The termi killed off my bikers over a two rounds of combat and caused Shrike to break and run. My Termis came in but did not get the job done and were killed off by the combined might of a dread and a tac squad. My assault squad got bogged down with an Ironclad. My assault scouts did better killing a tac squad and 2 pods and managed to stay alive with 3 in each squad including the fist. Shrike rallied and went back an killed the master of the forge. At the end of the 4th or 5th turn time was up and I was up 5-2 having killed 3 pods, 1 tac squad, and a landraider he had killed my assault termis and bikers. Victory points he was way up but the game was kill points so the victory was mine. If the game was going to go on he probably would have picked up 2 more kill points but I also would have probably got 2 more also.

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