Monday, May 18, 2009

Shrike Force

We had a little tournament at the FLGS, Labyrinth Comics and Games, on Saturday. It is pretty small with about 10 people and not a winner take all style. I decided to run a different list since I had done my Mech Pedro list twice already. I wanted a list with more mobility and fewer kill points. I decided on a Shrike based list at 1750.


Assault Terminators: 4 Thunderhammer Storm Shield, 1 Dual Lightening Claws

10 Man Scout Squad: 8 Snipers, 1 Missile Launcher, Cameo Cloaks, Telion
10 Man Scout Squad: Powerfist+Shotgun, 1 Shotgun, 3 CC+Bolt Pistols, 4 Bolters, 1 Heavy Bolter 10 Man Scout Squad: Combimelta, 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Sniper, 4 Bolters, 3 Shotguns
8 Man Scout Squad: Powerfist+Boltpistol+Meltabomb, 7 CC+Bolt Pistols

Fast Attack:
Landspeeder Squadron: 1 Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon, 1 Multimelta and Heavy Flamer
10 Assault Marines: Powerfist, 1 Flamer
6 Bikes: Powerfist, 2 Meltaguns, Multimelta Attack Bike

This list is clearly not optimal especially in the scout squad weapons and landspeeder. For some reason even though I barely paint anything and WYSIWYG is not required at this store I try to play a strict WYSIWYG list. These were all the scout models I had so I tried to form up units that would at least make some sense if I combat squaded them. I liked this list since it allowed me to get like 10 models that had never seen the table out for some games.

If I was going try to tune up the list I would keep the snipers as is and get 2 10 man squads with fists sergeants and cc+bolt pistol scouts. Normally I might recommend the shotguns to try to thin the enemy before assault but since this army has fleet you will not be taking those shots often. The last squad would get the combimelta and melta bomb plus 4 shotgun scouts then a heavy bolter and 4 bolter scouts. Landspeeders would be 2 with heavy flamer plus multimeltas to get the points for the 2 missing scouts.

I included 3 units(termis, bikes, assault marines) to decide who to put Shrike with to gain his inflitrate ability depending on the other sides list. I can then either inflitrate 5 units then scout move 4 units or outflank 5 units. Other units can deepstrike or start on the board so I have pretty good choices in deployment.


  1. How did the list perform in the tournament? Just curious!

  2. Next Post, JabberJabber. The list was really not designed to be to tough more just totally different.