Thursday, June 18, 2009

Classic Blood Bowl Minotaurs

I have not had much motivation to work on anything lately but wanted to at least post something before I go off to Harvard next week on a business trip. First we get a picture of my 2nd edition blood bowl minotaur in lead. This was the first model I ever had to pin. The top half was just so heavy that no superglue could hold it. I think I even went to a stronger adhesive also. This guy is part of my large 2nd edition collection none which is painted. They are actually all varnished since my parents thought direct skin contact with all that lead was not a good idea. Some day they will have to be stripped so I can paint them but since they are 20 years old now I want to get better at painting before I do it.

Here is my more modern minotaur. I think he is the one from 3rd edition and might be the model for one of the star players. I just cannot remember. I have probably had this guy for like 2 years and just assembled him two weeks ago.

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