Friday, June 19, 2009

Blood Bowl Classics: 2nd Edition Skaven

Here is a picture of my classic skaven team with about 26 players. Skaven were always my main team so I ended up with almost all the the different models available for second edition. At least in the US they did not have team boxes available for a while so you would build a team out of 5 man pretty random blister packs. So to get a good solid team you might need 5 blisters. Later they started selling 16 man team boxes all set and ready to go.

I always liked the addition space of movement they gave over most other teams. GW made a lot more variations in 2nd edition compared to 3rd. I believe skaven for example had 7 or 8 different lineman compared to the 3-4 used for most 3rd edition teams. Almost all of these models I have had for abut 20 years except for 1 catcher who I picked up more recently to make sure I had the full number allowed in the current rules.

Here are the blitzers or stormvermin as they are called now. Same basic pose just different accessories.

Two throwers staring down their targets.

The 4 catchers or gutterrunners now. Fast but really weak in blocks.

Kickers. Back in 2nd edition they had dedicated kickers instead of it just being a skill just during kick off. They could give people the boot to the family jewels and I believe they might have been able to kick the ball at anytime instead of passing. I might have to go back and check that.

Lineman galore. Here I have 7 different ones with a couple of doubles and a whole bunch of one guy. I believe I am missing one pose similar to the guy on the far left but with a different head.

Finally the skaven starplayer. I will have to look up the name.(Correctly identified as Rasta Tailspike) He only had 4 arms and not the two heads also of the current starplayer. There were no other mutants in 2nd edition and the rat orge was also not there if I recall correctly. I have a warhammer rat orge for the newer rules. I of course also have the 3rd edition team with all the mutants and starplayer plus the rat orge but those are all current models still.


  1. I think the star player was called Rasta Tailspike or something similar.

    I've still got my old BB dwarf team from about this era. Haven't played it in years, but I'm tempted to dig it out now :)

  2. Skaven in Blood Bowl are just too good. They destroy.

    I play ogres. Though I rarely win, my satisfaction is in seeing my opponents jaw drop when I set up my line.

  3. I have an old dwarf team also which will show up here sometime.

  4. Skaven are fast, true, but they crunch pretty hard due to the low armor (if you can catch them). Great pics of some vintage figs!