Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bell of Lost Souls Alliance

So I finally joined the Bell of Lost Souls Blog Alliance. Recently I had not been posting enough to make it worthwhile but since I am doing some promo for the Tzeentch Challenge blood bowl tournament I want to increase my profile.

That got me thinking about the various levels of blogs out there and where I would want mine in the groupings. This is how I see the community:

Super Blog: Bell of Lost Souls is a super blog. It has multiple people providing the great content and does a lot of news posting. No single person could probably run a blog of this level with a day job and still get any hobby or gaming done.

Major Link Blog: From the Warp shows off a lot of Ron's great hobby content(he will admit he does not really play currently) but most of the really interesting stuff is built off a link to other community members sites. This is very important to have since all the blogs out there have a lot of great content in their back files that people would not find without help.

Major Topic Blog: There are a couple of blogs out there that really own their specific part of the 40K universe and are the first stopping point for information about that topic. This is usually a race/codex or specific playing style. These people have some really greats ideas and a solid posting record but are often very specific to their topic. Fritz's Way of Saim Hann comes to mind here.

General Blog: This your normal blog like mine. Some cool stuff. Some ordinary stuff. Just what I am thinking and up to at the moment. A good resource for feeding the Link Blog but not a must read ever post type of thing. Might cover a broad range of topics. Posting is regular but not always daily.

Starter Blog: People just getting started. Might have some interesting things to show but have not been blogging long enough to see if they are going to be a general blog or a major topic blog.

Understanding where you want to be and how much work it is going take helps you be more satisfied with your blogging experience. I have discover I really have no interest is getting much beyond my current level. Before I thought I wanted a bigger blog which my wife(she has more than 3 times my followers on one and probably 10 times on another) has been able to get in other areas. This lead to probably a little jealousy on my part, but I have decide I am fine with being a small potato out there in the big big internet.

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  1. Well, I'll never be a Major blog, nor do I see myself going the way of a Link blog. I give a lot of credit to the Major Topic bloggers out there, it would take a lot of work to stay that focused, I'm glad they do it, I never could though. I see the General category having many sub-categories to it, some General blogs, like SoT here, definitely shine more than others