Friday, July 17, 2009

Blood Bowl: 2nd Edition Orc Team

As part of my Old School Blood Bowl Series, here is my 2nd edition Orc team. I got this team maybe 3 years ago on ebay for like 18 dollars. That is pretty close to the cost for the team back when it was new so I was pretty happy with that. The ebay market has since increased significantly so I doubt I could get it again at this point. I added the 5 Orc I had since the early 90s. That addition makes the team pretty playable under the current rules. In the second edition rules orcs and humans were essential the same. I like that they are now different.

6 Ork Lineman. All pretty much the same looking.
3 Ork Throwers. So I have a extra thrower.
3 Ork Catchers who can be lineman in the current game but I am not sure if I need more than 6 lineman anyway. All three are different though.
The classic 4 Blockers. No horns but some serious bulk and armor. Serious Bruisers.
Only 3 Blitzers though so this needs another orc for a full option team.
Orc Kicker so he is a lineman with kick and Starplayer Greaser Geargrinder who in the current rules would be the missing blitzer even though he was a thrower in 2nd edition.

Here is a new addition Orc Secret Weapon Starplayer: Ugroth 'Ripper' Bolgrot.

Here we have another Cyborc Star Player who was never named as far as I know.  He looks like he was taken directly from a 40k table but was sold in the Blood Bowl brand.


  1. THe last edition I played was the boxed set with the one-piece styrofoam pitch... not sure which edition that was.

    I had planned (but never played) a mixed tram of human blockers, dark elf blitzers, and elf throwers/catchers.

  2. I do not know if I remember seeing a 1 piece styrofoam pitch. 3 Piece one I have and a card stock one.