Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blood Bowl League: Game 1

"Hello and welcome to Blood Bowl Tonight on Cabalvision, your number one stop for all the best on the pitch action. I am your host Sknock Van Pelt. Our lead story is a match between the norsemen and beasts of Reddeck Wins and the twisted ratmen of the Darkthunder Deviants where the crowd really took control of the action."

"We take you now live to Orkin Andrews on site"

"Thanks Sknock, We had a very balanced match early today between Reddeck and Darkthunder. The opening kickoff taken by Reddeck managed to score despite the ball being knocked loose twice by those cunning Deviants. Pretty miraculous scopes of the ball off the pitch for the Norse men. While the Norseman had been able to knock down the rats during the drive, they kept getting back up. The heavily norse crowd was getting restless due to the lack of blood shed on the pitch"

"On the insuing kick off, the berserkers in the crowd stormed the pitch and decimated the Deviants leaving only about half standing. A critical loss was the deep man who could not get back to snag the norsemens untrained perfect kick to the back of the endzone. With time in the half running short and having first to fall back significantly to regroup from the mauling done by the crowd, the Deviants were hard pressed to try to score. They came close after some wonderful footwork of runner Tarrik Owns to get free in the back field but he seemed so impressed by this excellent moves that he gave up on his deep route without using all of his speed."

"Had not the Deviants done such a good job harassing the ball carriers on Reddeck's first possession, they might have had more time to recover from the angry fans."

"At the beginning of the second half, the crowd was still looking for blood and upset at how close the rat men came to scoring that they stormed the pitch again. Again the massive norse fan advantage left almost half the skaven down. After recovering the ball and moving to set up a passing lane , skaven thrower Dred Bleedso stopped a few paces too close to the downed snow troll for no good reason. The icy chill caused his pass to just miss the mark. While the ball was recovered and scored by Teary Hold in a few moments, the delay allowed for the norseman to gang up on the skaven rat ogre, Rage Lewds, who had already left 2 norseman in bad shape. Looks like Rage will miss next weeks match also in a critical blow to the Deviants."

"Without Rage to help pressure the ball carrier the Deviants had trouble putting any real pressure on the ball carriers for the hard blocking Norse. The 2 Ulfwerner and snow troll really started to put the hurt on the rats. All told the norseman did 4 injuries to 2 for the skaven in the 2-1 victory. Reddeck played a very solid and conservative game which payed off for them. The coach for the Deviants responded after the game that having the fastest player on the pitch does not matter if you put them in the wrong places."

"Back to you, Sknock"

"Thanks for the report, Orkin. Looks like the Deviants had their hands full with Reddecks 12th man."


  1. Ouch! Sounds like the norse crowd gave you a spanking. Poor luck on the kick off table always sucks.

  2. Yeah, I made some mistakes in the game but when the opponent has +2 FAME and he rolls pitch invasions on all your possession things are not going to go well.

  3. One good thing was that the MVP, Touchdown, and Casualties all went to people who had no skill yet as I had hoped. No one picked up enough points to get anything yet but one gutter runner just needs completion, 1 needs a touchdown and the rat orge just needs to squish 1 more thing.

  4. +2 Fame?? Wow he more than doubled your D6 + FF with his? That's tough to do.

  5. I'll have to say, it wasn't really fair that my "crowd goons" flooded the pitch twice. Though I'll have to complement you on nearly scoring with only two and a half turns. If you'd had three full turns we'd have ended the game 2:2 most likely.