Monday, July 27, 2009

Transport Contents Tip

Here is another part of my line of simple gaming tips. Nothing fancy just sharing some things I have seen done that work for some people.

Tank Riders:

Sometimes especially when you are like me and have a number of unpainted hard to distinguish rhinos it is hard to remember who is riding in what and what is still occupied. One solution to this is to place a representive figure on top of the rhinos. So if Pedro and the Honour Guard are in that Rhino place Pedro on top. If Sternguard are in that one place a sternguard on it. Just keep moving the rhino and guy together and your opponent will never have to ask who is in that rhino.

The above pic is pretty grainy but you can see the two rhinos with 1K Sons units sitting there. I might be helpful to place people who intend to shoot out the firepoint to remind you to have them fire.


  1. I always do this, put the sgt on top so I remember. I usually keep my IC's off the rhino as it is quite easy to knock them over.

  2. You could always magnetize the rhino top and the characters base. We seem to be magnetizing everything already.

  3. A great tip. I often use this trick as a memory jog as well -- I'm often forgetting to shoot the guys who could potentially fire from the roof hatch of rhinos.