Friday, July 24, 2009

Cities of Death Buildings

With the new release of Planetstrike and its terrain by GW, I have decide to show off some of my Cities of Death terrain. Once again not painted. This set is made up of the cities of death starter box (not in print) which came with frames for 2-3 buildings plus the rulebook and the battlefield accessory. I then added a manufactorum building set so I could fill a 4 by 4 for cities of death. Currently the Imperial Sector box looks like a good starting point for city ruins. I have tried to make smaller buildings so that I had more compared to a few tall buildings. I am really thinking about getting a new terrain kit either the imperial sector to make a full table of ruins or planetstrike kit with the 2 bastions and several wall sets. If I got more ruins I was going to build them with lots of line of sight blocking first levels to make them better cover in 5th ed.

Here is a close up of one of the buildings. The biggest problem I have with buildings is storage and transport. So I have decided to pin the levels together instead of gluing. The buildings can then be separated into more flat arrangement for transport to the FLGS.

Two Levels separated.

The corner pins. Longer is better since they have to hold the levels from toppling when models are placed and moved.
The game of tetris that is played to get all the ruins into the original box. This will probably not be possible if I painted them but is pretty good now since this box can then sit on other closed boxes at the top of the plastic transport tub I use.

With this arrangement I have no problem taking my buildings and 3-5K points of marines down to the local gaming store for the big Apoc battles. If I add another set of terrain this might not be possible so we will see. My anniversary is coming up and nothing says love like wargaming terrain. Right Guys.


  1. To me, nothing says love like a blue Snaggletooth, but to each their own, heh. I love the pinned second levels you've done, I wish I had thought of that. I've got a bunch of these buildings, and I gotta tell you, it takes no time to paint them up, and have them still look decent to boot. With enough matte sealer, you could probably still transport them Tetris style.

  2. I like how you did the modular levels. Not only does it make it easy for transport, but it can give you more scenery if needed.

    Painting these is simple if you don't care to base them. All you need is: Krylon matte black spray a pot of Codex Grey and a large flat brush. Spray them back and do a quick once over drybrush with the Codex Grey.

  3. I went so far as to rough coat these. Just never go around to priming them.