Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Skaven Team Name

I need to pick a name for my new skaven team. I like to have interesting names. My undead go by the name Forgotten Martyrs and my lizardmen are the Lost Claws. Here is what I am thinking.

Fifth Column Tunnelers: Classic Skaven team name for a traveling team. I saw it listed in my Star Player book but I am not sure that the fifth column is.

Darkthunder Deviants: Darkthunder is the college from which most skaven blood bowl players in the NAF days came from. Supposedly a massive load of warpstone.

Regents of Rigen: Rigen is the clan in charge of blood bowl for skaven and what is more unusual than Regent ratman.

Eishen Exterminators: Payback from the ratmen.

What do you guys think?
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  1. How about the Action-packed Awesome Alliterations?

  2. I think you need the term "warpstone" in the name somehow.

  3. Teams sound to much like villian groups from the Batman TV show huh, Monkeiboi.