Tuesday, July 21, 2009

League Skaven Team

So I am going to be playing my skaven in the upcoming league. Since it is an ongoing league team creation is getting a little modified. First I must create a 1,000,000 gold piece standard starting team. Next I get 350,000 gold pieces to spend on advancements and upgrades. The only advancements allowed at normal access skills at 20,000 points each on individual players. These players are award 6 star player points to start which would normal get them a roll on the advancement table. This is worth more than just a basic skill but the trade off is that I get to choose who gets the upgrade specifically.

So my basic idea is a standard 12 rat starting roster with 6 linerats, 2 blitzers, 3 gutter runners, and 1 thrower with 3 rerolls. I will then use my upgrades money to then get an apothacary and rat orge. I then have enough remaining cash for 9 skills. That is enough to skill up all the linerats and blitzers and then one other player.

Here are the skills I am thinking off since I get no options for doubles:
2 Linerats with Block
2 Linerats with Wrestle
1 Linerat with Kick
1 Linerat with Dirty Player
1 Blitzer with Guard
1 Blitzer with Grab
1 Thrower with Leader

Any comments? Still Need a Name.


  1. Skills look good to me. I think they need some paint more than anything else ;) :P

  2. I will probably paint up the third edition team. If only GW still had a booster pack so I can get the team up to 16 without using the mutant models.

    This second edition team like most of my old lead pieces is covered in lacquer(my dad did it to limit lead/skin contact when I was little) which I need to figure out how to get off.

  3. I understand why, but it's a shame these vintage Rats won't get time in the spotlight! Your roster plan seems solid enoough. I especially like the dirty player in there, a must for league play. I would say "keep us posted", but I know you will! Good luck...