Monday, July 20, 2009

New Warhammer 40K Mission: Accumulation

I wanted to devise a new mission type that is sort of the mirror opposite of the current objective grabs. This mission will challenge armies that are designed to stick and run and avoid heavy contact with the enemy


While holding ground at the end of a battle is important, sometimes merely holding it for vital seconds may be all that is needed for victory. Capturing enemy intelligence, destroying key infrastructure, or an atack of misdirection can be accomplished in a few moments.


Players roll off to determine first turn. Winner can choose to go first or second. The players then place 1d3+2 objectives starting with the player going second. No objective may be positioned in the deployment zone of the player placing it. All objectives must be at least 12 inches from each other or a table edge. The players then get to deploy as per the deployment type with the player going first deploying first.

At the end of each player turn, both players earn 1 point per objective they control with a non vehicle troop choice within 3 inches which is not contested by any opponent unit with 3 inches of the objective. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Mission Special Rules:

Seize Ininative, Deepstrike, Reserves, Outflank, Battlefield Jammers, Boots on the Ground. Note Inflitrators and Scout are not active and can only be used to outflank.

Battlefield Jammers: Battlefield wide distrubances being it some type of jammer or warp anomaly have made deepstriking into the battlefield challenging. All Deepstrikers scatter regardless of special rule to prevent the scatter. A hit roll on the scatter die scatters according to the small arrow. Units with special rules that limit scatter to avoid mishaps should roll a d6 in the case that the scatter leads to a possible mishap. On a 1-3 reduce the minimum amount to avoid the mishap. On a 4-6 increase the scatter distance the minimum amount to avoid the mishap(ie the drop pod scatters over to the other side of the obstruction).

Boots on the Ground: Sometimes to accomplish your goal, you need to get down and dirty at the objective not hide in a tank or ride over at high speed. To count as a scoring unit during a turn the nonvehicle troop choice cannot be embarked in a transport. The unit also cannot have turboboosted in its last movement phase.


  1. If this were an actual scenario in the rule book, then my W-L ratio would be much greater! So many games I'm sitting there on objectives holding hem until the very last turn when they are then contested or a unit run off. Gah!

    I'll be sure to play this one, it seems very cool!

  2. I think it would make a nice addition to the standard missions in monthly tournament type events. Maybe not something that should show up all the time but maybe every couple of events it could occur.