Saturday, August 1, 2009

40K New Mission Deployment Type: Narrow Front

As part of my series on mission variations I present a new type of deployment called Narrow front.

Narrow Front

In this deployment scheme the battle lines are narrowed due to terrain obstructions or other battlefield requirement. To represent this, the player will use the short table edges as their appropriate board edge. This makes for a long but narrow battlefield.

Special Rules: Deepstrike, Reserves, Outflank, Scout, Infiltrate, Outflank, Mountain Passes.

Players roll for first turn choice. Winner chooses to go first or second. Loser chooses table side. Player going first deploys all forces not being placed in reserves or infiltrating. The player going second. Then alternate placing infiltrators using the infiltrate rule starting with player going first. The player with first turn will then make all scout moves followed by player going second. Player going second may try to Steal the Initiative.

Deployment zones are anywhere on your half more than 6 inches from the table center line. Model can be placed anywhere in these zones during normal deployment so there is no restriction about how close you can start from enemy models(could be a close as 12 inches if both players deployed at the very limit). Normal Rules for placing mission objectives remain in place. Models fall back toward the players table edge(short table edge).

Special Rule: Mountain Passes
Due to the restricted nature of the battlefield it is hard for outflankers to always show up where desired. Therefore any models using a special rule(outflank or codex special rule) that allows them to move on to the board from reserves from any table edge other than the owning player's table edge, they must instead roll a d6 and consult this table.

1: Outflank Total Failure: Deploy from your table edge.
2: A Little Lost: Deploy from your half of the board left table edge.
3: A Little Lost: Deploy from your half of board right table edge.
4: Flank Exposed: Deploy from opponents half left table edge.
5: Flank Exposed: Deploy from opponents half right table edge.
6: Right Where we want them: Deploy from any table edge.


  1. Interesting, it should be bloody no doubt.

  2. I really like this idea for deployment, gonna bookmark this for my bext game.
    Have to say I only found your blog today having only recently started blogging and looking around and I havent seen anything yet that I havent liked!
    Will let you know how it plays for me when I get a game in.

  3. This is a neat idea for an alternative deployment - thanks for sharing!

  4. I think it could be a fun break of pace. I made the deployment zones back that extra 6 inches to make the deployment edge to end of line a little farther than pitched battle to compensate shooty armies for the narrow field.

    Kraggi, Thanks for coming by. Blogging is fun but do not let it take to much time away from main parts of the hobby.