Monday, August 3, 2009

Blood Bowl: 2nd Edition Dwarf Team

Here is my 2nd edition Dwarf Blood Bowl Team. Most of these guys I have had about 20 years. A couple random ones picked up more recently on ebay.

The biggest problem for this team under the current rules is no Trollslayers. These blitzers seem like the closest ones. Just paint their hair orange and they are good to go.

Lineman and Blocker
Clearly Blitzers with the dwarves clearly running.

One down dwarf plus a Thrower(Runner) and Star Player Barik Farblast.

Here is a new addition to the team. Dwarf Secret Weapon Starplayer Flint Churnblade.


  1. I've got exactly this team from the early 90's minus the star player and prone dwarf.

  2. Very cool dude, I definitely want to have a go at making a dwarf team from plastics - with a Barik Farblast model using a missile launcher :)

  3. I am not sure how the current plastic range would look. I think one of the things about blood bowl minis is the shoulder pads. I am not sure if the new dwarves would have something like that.

  4. They don't, but you could always sculpt them on, shouldn't be too difficult or even file down some marine pads.

    Those are some really cool dwarfs from long before my time, you sir are lucky.

    Would you be interested in doing a blog list swap eriochrome?