Monday, August 10, 2009

Blood Bowl: 2nd Edition Elf Team

Last of the series of 2nd Edition Blood Bowl Teams. This is an elf team which actually still works pretty well with the current rules. Since the structure of the elf teams are all pretty similar it could work as high elf, pro elf, or wood elves. I personally would use them as my pro elf team since I have other models for the high elves and wood elves.

I just love the blitzers. Nice Look and great masks.

Two Throwers masked and unmasked.
This is where the problem appears. 6 Catchers instead of 4. The old elf team could field 6 catchers I assume to fill the losses as they were mercilessly pounded on by the other team. Now your can only field 4 so I have 2 spare.

Two Kickers. Since the Kicker position is gone these guys will just have to be lineman. One could be the lineman with kick and the other a lineman with dirty player kicking someone while they are down.
7 Lineman. The original box only came with 5 so 2 more were aquired off of ebay to make up the 16 man team since I have 2 unusable catcher models currently.

Here we have Star Player Eldric Sidewinder.

These are the last of the 2nd edition blood bowl team series. I have many more random 2nd edition minis but no more full teams. If people are interest in these I can put them up also.


  1. Wait, I just stumbled across this page. Are you looking to sell/trade this team??

  2. No, these are just eductional posts for players who do not have these old minis. This team's sculpts are far superior to the current Pro Elves from GW.

  3. It's been a while since this conversation started. Have you changed your mind about not selling? I'm just getting into Blood Bowl and looking to build some armies.

    1. Minis for sale are in the Bargain Bin on the right column at the top. Mainly just odds and ends there though. One Nurgle Rotters Team Box listed.